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Years of backpacking, traveling, and exploring has led us to where we are now - the start of Scandinavian Gear. From first-hand experience, we know exactly what works and what doesn't in the active and demanding life of a traveler. We develop and improve our products by learning through our own travels. We've realized both what's necessary and what's an appreciated comfort when it comes to outdoor gear and that's precisely the core of our company.

Making Adventures Easy

Our goal is to provide outdoor gear that will suit all your adventure and traveling needs. We develop our products for an active lifestyle and to be used both in the everyday life but also when traveling the world.
We've added features to our products that ourselves find useful and making traveling more enjoyable.
Before releasing a new product, we test it rigorously in the field to be sure it performs up to our standard.
Our small but efficient company puts effort into stripping down all unnecessary costs to give you the best possible value.
Start Exploring
Let our gear help you explore our magnificent and fascinating world!

Our Range

Scandinavian Gear is a newly established company and we'll be widening our product range with sport bags, small and medium sized hiking backpacks and similar outdoor products throughout the upcoming year.
"Using Scandinavian Gear products for my hikes makes them even more enjoyable."
– Marcus Lindh

Buy Our Gear Now!

We exclusively sell our backpacks through Amazon. All of our products are stored in Amazon's warehouses across the US and are Prime-eligible. The logistical efficiency Amazon provides ensures that your purchase is handled securely and that your order reaches you in time.